About our Company

Firamis is a B2B FinTech company est. 2012 near Frankfurt. Clients are banks, asset managers, insurance companies and other financial institutions. Solution types include InvestTech, WealthTech, RiskTech and RegTech. Firamis is supported by the EU (‘Horizon 2020‘). Firamis co-organizes the yearly, a special conference on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Network Analysis in Financial Services.

Firamis recently won 2 EU-Grants.

Since Septebmer 2018 Firamis is home to Dr. Dimitri Marinelli, who has been awarded the Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship. Together with Firamis he works on the backreaction of the financial market to risk propagation.

Starting in 2019, Firamis will be part of a European consortium of various Universities and Fintechs with the common goal to implement FIN-Tech: a FINancial supervision and TECHnology compliance training programme. Firamis will i.a. be responsible for the mutual coding-platform.

Our Team

Dr. Jochen Papenbrock

Jochen has more than 10 years of experience in management and technology consulting in the financial industry. He is an expert in quantitative modeling, Data Science and AI. He has invented, developed and operationalised several FinTech solutions. Jochen is CEO/Founder of Firamis. He earned his doctorate and degree in business engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Dr. Dimitri Marinelli

Dimitri got a PhD in the mathematical physics group at the University of Pavia, Italy. He is an experienced researcher, applying mathematical methods in cross-disciplinary contexts. Recently, he focused on machine learning and data science as a postdoc at the Romanian Institute of Science and Technology. Dimitri has been awarded the Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship to work on the backreaction of the financial market to risk propagation, together with Firamis.

Alexander Deierling

Alex is an independent lawyer, located in Frankfurt (Main) area. He is co-founder of Firamis. Accompanying Firamis since its first moments, he is responsible for all legal issues and business strategy. Alex has a Master’s Degree in Law & Economics.

Niklas Bußmann

Niklas is a Master-Degree student who is working at Firamis as an Intern. Afterwards he is writing his Master-thesis about the topic topological data analysis in cooperation with Firamis. After finishing his Master-Degree, Niklas will continue to work closely with Firamis on topological data analysis as a doctoral student.

Dr. Jochen Biedermann

Jochen is an experienced consultant in the financial industry and beyond. Based in Frankfurt and Hong Kong, he supports financial centres, stock exchanges, regulatory authorities and corporates in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Jochen holds a diploma in mathematics & computer science from the University of Göttingen and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Cottbus, Germany. He is Research Professor for FinTech & Blockchain at the International Innovation Center of Hankou University, Wuhan, China.