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Firamis will be hosting a top researcher granted by the EU with individual fellowship "Marie Curie" for 2 years. We are supervisors/mentors in this highly innovative and impacting project named
"Backreaction of Financial Networks: Risk Estimation and Asset-Management".

Also, we have developed a software to automatically generate videos of financial network/graph analysis:

Our technology and solutions

  • Cross-sectional graph-based machine learning software platform with applications and solutions in
    InvestTech, WealthTech, RiskTech and RegTech

  • Software for quantitative investment processes (single and multi asset)

  • Software for Wealth advisory and automated investment services like Robos and Portfolio Health Checks

  • Software visualisation/animation of market dynamics, portfolio diversification effects and portfolio trading strategies

  • Software for fund sales support

About Firamis

  • B2B FinTech founded 2012 near Frankfurt, Germany, with own scientific R&D > 10 years and industry traction > 5 years

  • Revolutionary approach to diversification&risk management with technology: portfolio relational data analysis/diagnostics (network/graph science), machine learning, optimisation

  • Digital Asset&Wealth Management as well as risk management

  • Currently looking for more partners, co-workers, co-researchers, business angels

  • What we are NOT: an advisory company giving investment advice and/or recommendations

The age of digital asset&wealth management has arrived. Advanced technologies, analytics and diagnostics simplify our access to complex market and portfolio dynamics. More than 10 years ago, Firamis started their scientific research in Network Science and Machine Learning. These technologies rationalise complex dynamics within most capital market portfolios specifically.

Our data base could not be simpler: it is just the return time series and weightings of the portfolio constituents. Network Science reveals the dynamic relationships within portfolios and displays them as maps of asset interconnectedness. It simplifies and rationalised what had been too complex before. It opens a new door to risk&diversification management which can not be accessed by traditional linear analytics and so-called 'Modern Portfolio Theory'. It amplifies investment&advisory intelligence and creates new client-specific and client-centric investment services.

Based on this, today we are one of the few to offer turn-key digital tools and automated investment services for most aspects of digital asset&wealth management. This applies to wealth advisory, advanced risk diagnostics, stakeholder-specific reporting engines and marketing&sales tools. Reporting content is highly relevant and at the same time insights are delivered as intuitive and interactive infotainment addressing all stakeholders.

But it also applies to the core investment processes and decision making: our engines help to allocate assets and construct portfolios in a scientific, quantitative rules-based and highly automated way. Resulting investment performance is generally robust and stable out-of-sample.

Investment firms working with us can service their existing clients in a contemporary fashion fully embracing the digital potential. They can easily attract new clients by unique and differentiating services which increases their brand values.

The following examples show our approaches in action:

Digital Asset and Wealth Management

ETF Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Health Check

Financial Graph Analytics




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