Software for Asset Management

▪ Create next generation financial investments with our innovative Asset Management Software.

▪ Our innovative Asset Management Software supports quantitative investment processes for digital asset management. Our customizable software includes advanced analytics methods, portfolio health checks, monitoring services and trading recommendations based on price series data.

▪ Based on revolutionary AI and Network Science, our visualisations and animations create process transparency and enable domain expert validation and auditing.

▪ Using our innovative Asset Management Software in their investment processes, Firamis-clients reach their investment goals due to stable, risk-adjusted performance. For this purpose we turned diversification into a measurable and manageable dimension of Asset Management.

Technology for digital wealth management

▪ Create innovative solutions for your clients with our technology for Digital Wealth Management.

▪ With the aid of our technology, specifically designed for Digital Wealth Management, you can offer innovative products to your clients.

▪ We provide you with modular and scalable solutions in order to adress your clients needs. We combine customized user interfaces with advanced analytics methods. You can offer your clients portfolio health checks, monitoring services and reliable trading recommendations for a stable, risk-adjusted performance.

Investment Risk Management

▪ Manage your portfolios systematic risk with our cutting-edge risk management tools.

▪ Using our risk management tools enables you to manage your complex portfolio risks effectively. Our applications and visualisations reveal hidden risks in your portfolio, hence allowing you to develop portfolios with a deeper understanding of your actual risk exposures.

▪ Thereby you fulfill you clients expectations and avoid undesirable surprises.

Bank Risk Management, Fraud Detection, AML, Surveillance

▪ Execute your Risk Management as precisly as never observed before by means of our AI-rooted software.

▪ With the aid of our AI-rooted software you execute complex fraud detection and prevention, undertake advanced scoring and rating or analyse your customer behaviour as precisely as never observed before. Using new analytics, advanced stress testing and innovative early warnings you meet the relevant regulatory requirements.

▪ By using our AI-rooted software you gain new insights from the interconnectedness of your financial data. Thereby you execute your Risk Management in a completely new manner.